Occupy Portland — Website: portlandactionlab.org — Contact: join@portlandactionlab.org

Action details: Rally at 11:30 at SW Ankeny and Waterfront Park; March at 1:00.

Occupy Walmart Coordinated Action (Occupy Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County) — Website:occupywalmartf29.com and F29 Facebook Event — Contact: maydaygeneralstrike@gmail.com

Action details: Meet in Mira Loma, CA on the corner of Riverside Dr. and Hamner Avenue at 6:00 Am. Check out thevideo.

Occupy Las Vegas — Website: occupylv.org  and forum on F29 — Contact: info@occupylv.org

Action Details: Join us at Sahara & Decatur at 2PM on Feb 29. We will crown the day of anti-ALEC actions with a march to NVEnergy and other ALEC member corporations.

Occupy Pasadena — Website: www.occupypasadena.org and  www.facebook.com/OccupyPasadena — Contact:pasadena@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action Details: Occupy Pasadena will hold a rally in front of the AT&T building on the corner of Colorado Ave. and Arroyo Parkway (http://g.co/maps/b7ys2) between 4pm and 7pm on February 29th.

Occupy Half Moon Bay — Website: Facebook — Contact: halfmoonbay@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action Details: We will be meeting at the Bank of America on Main Street in HMB at noon.

Occupy Stockton — Website: occupystockton.org — Contact: stockton@shutdownthecorportaions.org

Action Details: Join us from 3:00-7:00 p.m. outside the Wal*Mart store at Hammer & Holman Lanes in Stockton to picket, leaflet, and run spontaneous “mic checks” indoors and out, in order to educate the public about the abuses and usurpations of this organization.

Occupy Bozeman — Website: www.occupybozeman.org — Contact: bozeman@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action Details: A picket at the downtown branch of Wells Fargo as part of its ongoing divestment campaign against corporate banks.

Occupy Louisville — occupylouisville.org — Contact: louisville@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action details: Rally outside YUM! Center at 2nd and Main, 4-7 pm.

Occupy Huntsville — Website: http://occupyhuntsville.org/ and Facebook Event — Contact:huntsville@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action Details: Occupy Huntsville will Occupy the corner of University Dr. and the Parkway 11 AM till Dark

Occupy Lakeland — Contact: lakeland@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action Details: Protest at Wal-Mart 3501 S Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida We are protesting Wal Mart. We are protesting ALEC. Protest on F29 9 AM & 3 PM.

Occupy Charlotte — Website: www.OccupyClt.net — Contact: ActiveProtest@OccupyClt.net

Action Details: On February 29th Occupy Charlotte will be having an action starting at 600 East Trade St at 1pm and going to Bank of America.

Occupy Hattiesburg

Action Details: Occupy Hattiesburg will be protesting at AT&T and Bank of America on Hwy. 98 Hattiesburg, Mississippi starting at 8 am on 2-29-12.


Occupy Dayton — Website: www.occupydaytonoh.org and www.facebook.com/occupydayton — Contact:dayton@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action Details: Meet us for a march, rally and street performance at 11am in Courthouse Square, Corner of 3rd and Main St Downtown.

Occupy Kansas City —Website: www.occupykc.net — Contact: kansascity@shutdownthecorporations.org

Action Details: Go to their Facebook page.

Occupy Norman — Website: www.facebook.com/events/328395620545208/ — Contact:norman@shutdownthecorporations.org


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